Bags and envelopes for laboratories

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The Neustadt of Agnadello, in the province of Cremona, has been involved for years in the production of plastic articles for laboratories. The company employs a highly qualified staff, which follows all the working phases of extrusion, printing, welding and quality control, using safe and reliable materials, for long lasting products.

Homogenizer bags
Made of polyethylene in compliance with EC Reg. N.1935 / 2004 – D.M. March 21, 1973 – Dir. Eur / 711 / CEE, these bags are suitable for use with homogenizers of any brand. Available in different sizes and strengths.
Sampling bags
These bags are used for storing food and liquid or solid samples. They have a tear-off opening with a synthetic rubber adhesive for ensuring they can be re-opened multiple times without losing their sealing effect.
Bags with an internal filter
Available in polyethylene and coextruded nylon-polyethylene versions, these bags are used with homogenizers of any brand for the effective filtration of samples in solution.
Autoclave bags
Made of polypropylene, these bags are available in three sizes for use in autoclaves up to 140 ° Celsius.