Neustadt boasts twenty years of experience in the production and marketing of disposable plastic products for analysis laboratories. We specialise in the production of own-brand homogeniser bags, resealable bags for sampling, filter bags, autoclave bags and ad hoc production.
sacchetti per omogeneizzatori

Homogeniser bags

Made of polyethylene conforming to EC Regulation 1935/2004 - DM March 21, 1973 - Dir. Eur / 711 / EEC, are suitable for use in homogenisers by any brand, available in different sizes and mechanical strength.

sacchetti per campionamento

Sampling bags

Used for storage of food or liquid or solid samples, they are equipped with tear-off and synthetic rubber adhesive which ensures multiple reopening for drawings / tests without losing sealant effectiveness.

sacchetti con filtro interno

Bags with inner filter

Available in polyethylene and nylon-polyethylene co-extruded versions, they can be used in any brand homogeniser for effective filtering of the sample in solution.

sacchi per autoclave

Sacks for autoclave

Made of polypropylene, these are available in three sizes for use in autoclaves of up to 140 ° Celsius.

Information and estimates

If you are interested in any of Neustadt's products, you can contact us for information by calling +39 0373 93349. We will be happy to provide you with the additional specifications you require.

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